Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doodley Squat

He urged to be called Kud. “What precedes and follows it amounts to doodley squat”, awaiting something he said to me, “Perhaps you didn’t get it”. He was right, I didn’t but I liked the phrase - ‘doodley squat’ I repeated in my mind. He had a nose, he claimed, that could house half the population of Jamaica, a mind that could conquer and run Burma, and that the rest of his body parts, he would add as though fascinated by its addition, perform obtrusively.

We hoisted a few.

Uneasily quiet, he seemed to house a relentless battle between his natural freshness and its diluter. He would soon tell me about this e-mail from a girl. The music was loud, his silence louder.


Arjun said...

So it begins.

Soldier on, my friend. We have all been dumped. But none has been dumped by one he has not even been seeing. Truly, you are blessed.

Or she's kind of stupid.

Adnan Raja said...

Maybe you are hitting on girls you have not seen. I think you are quite capable at it :P
Doodle squat it out!

Rajwade said...

go on maaali!

Anonymous said...

Oh, welcome!

I urge you to use wordpress. We are cool out there.

I must say, you are rather talented to get yourself dumped by girls you are not seeing. Are you singing.. "Yeaaaaeeehhh another one bites the dust....?"

If you aren't, I'd advice you to start off with "Here comes the sun.. oo-o-o" and then move on to "I get high with a little help from my friend- yeah- I get by with a little help from my friends.."

AKR said...
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AKR said...

Arjun: Yes, she has the IQ of a type-writer.
Adnan: Maadi, neev maadi!
sunisnotyellow:Thanks. great advice. I have some for you: PLease send the latter part of the comment to Ekta Kapoor. She turns such garbage into television shows.

Anonymous said...

It was the Beatles who sang about friends and sun.

Oh never mind. I'm seriously considering sending it to Ekta Kapoor. She's at least be civil about the frivolity of the comment.

The type writer wises to retire from visit your blog. toodledoo.